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Pandafit is an incredibly accessible tool. Anybody can benefit from it, old or young, athletes or sedentary individuals, and the level can be adapted by choosing various types of exercises. Apart from individuals, we also work with the following clients in order to benefit their community.

Burnout prevention has become an unavoidable topic in employees' health management. Pandafit is an ideal tool inside an office. Its small size and accessibility make it the perfect partner for a short balance training session. With a few minutes of training per day, your employees will be able to significantly reduce their levels of stress and anxiety.

Companies & Employees
Chiropraticien au travail

Whether your clients are sports professionals or individuals who need to get back on their feet, you can use Pandafit in the anamnesis, testing and monitoring phases. Working on their balance will challenge their muscle groups to work together in ways that they haven’t had to before because of years of sitting and leaning. 

Sports Clubs & Health Centers

It is important for the elderly to re-learn how to use their muscles in sync. Studies have proven that it can improve the posture and strength, which can have several health benefits including a reduced chance of getting arthritis, back pain, and other health issues. The cognitive benefits of Pandafit could also help with memory problems and confusion.

Home Care & Retirement
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