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Pandafit emerged from an innovative concept: balance is in the motion. This challenges our usual vision of equilibrium which we think of as something fixed. But the truth is that life is made of movement, and so is balance. Nature, the ultimate example of balance is based on movement and more specifically, frequencies. 

Take time to find your balance and refocus on the present movement with Pandafit.

Balance in the motion

Our entire world is made of vibrations. The string theory in Physics suggests that the smallest constituent of matter is, in fact, cords vibrating at different frequencies and generating energy. The human body is no exception to this natural balance, it has its own vibration pattern that can be measured thanks to Pandafit. Contrary to the traditional static scales, Pandafit allows the body to move in the air, free of any constraint therefore capturing the essence of our body's natural pendulum movement. 

Our concept
It's all about vibrations
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